With Christmas rapidly approaching, it's time to take a look at those last minute buys. The toys you grab at the dollar store or the drug store while you're on your way to the Holiday party and you forgot little Jimmie.

1. The Hitler Doll. I hope this isn't a real thing. I don't even know of any store that would sell this thing!


2. This 'Racing' Game. I don't know what the race is, but it looks like this toy would go great with the Hitler Doll. Look closely..


3. This 'You Can Shave The Baby' Doll. Couple things here. Normally babies don't need shaving, and secondly who would want to shave a baby? Would you actually give a baby a freakin' razor? "Here ya go kid, shave away!" Also, the placement of some of that body hair raises some questions.


4. This Sword set. The blue one looks fine, but the pink one..


5. This line of Roadkill Toys. Yes, it's a real thing. No it's not appropriate for kids, but it is funny!!


6. This Bear. Not the toy, just the way it's packaged makes the bear look like it's wearing a ball gag, am I right?


7. This 'Moxie Girls' Doll with a mini horse who poops rainbows. Has any little kid really shouted "I want a rainbow pooping mini horse for Christmas!"....Actually, someone probably has.


8. This Pooh toy. What is it? Who designed it? How did this design get passed quality control?


9. This Pole Dancing Doll. No, just.....no.

I Lively

10. I'm pretty sure this one isn't real, but it made me laugh the hardest. I literally LOL'd. Look at the face on the bartender baby!!

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