John Marshall used to be in Maine and worked at WPXT-TV for years. I have had the pleasure of working on a ton of projects with him. He is super talented and very generous. He now lives in India and is working with an orphanage, The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission.  This orphanage has been caring for orphan children in India for over 60 years! They run a school to help generate funds to support the orphans. Self-sufficiency is a huge goal for them and already they are running without the support of any grants or Government funding. They do, from time-to-time, however ask for help with special projects. This is their first ever Indigogo campaign.

Though the school is up and running, it is not fully furnished. Many of the classrooms are left without desks -or with desks that are so old and damaged they can barely hold the weight of the child sitting on them.

The biggest need at the moment is 100 desks. To reduce costs we will be making them ourselves. A desk that seats two kids costs just $40 when we make it ourselves.

John reached out to me and I said I would reach out to our generous listeners. If you can help, it truly would change the life of a child.