Courtesy of Reddit, these may make your crappy Valentine's Day gift seem way better....


Such pressure. Every year this holiday comes around that basically says, 'Prove you love me!' These gifts came up just a tad short...By the way, happy Valentine's Day!


In June, I found a potato that was in the perfect shape of a heart so I put it in the freezer for February. When I got it out and proudly gave it to my wife, it had literally turned black and started leaking juices in front of her.


Once I ordered my girlfriend flowers that didn’t arrive (or were stolen from the porch), so I gave her the delivery confirmation instead. It was not as funny as I thought it would be.


I bought my wife a microwave for our first Valentine’s Day. She had just moved into her new place and needed a microwave — not sure why everyone didn’t see how thoughtful I was being.



My dad is terrible at giving gifts. One Valentine’s Day he gave my mom, who was very heavy at the time and was always trying to lose weight, a box of sugar-free chocolate and a scale. She cried for days.


My girlfriend gave me a pack of cigarettes because I was trying to quit smoking, and she thought it would help me relax.



You can go get a new pair of glasses and I’ll pay you back.’ Thanks?


My dad bought my mom a pencil sharpener one year for Valentine’s Day. My sister and I had pestered him relentlessly because never bought her a Valentine’s Day gift, so he kept his ears open for ideas She had been complaining that their pencil sharpener was junk, so he went out and bought this really nice electric one. My mom was SO mad and so he never bought her another Valentine’s Day gift again.



My (then) girlfriend and I met at a Wendy’s, which was being torn down for remodeling. My bright idea was to have dinner, a movie, and then swing by the wreckage and take a brick to remind us of the fast food chain that meant so much to us. Yikes.



Divorce papers.


I bought my girlfriend a ‘World’s Okayest Girlfriend’ [mug.] She refuses to drink from it and I find it hilarious.


A girl I started dating a couple of months before Valentine’s Day had just gotten out of a long-term relationship with her high school sweetheart. She handed me a cute little bag with candy and a card. I opened the card and read her pouring out her soul to her ex-boyfriend, going on about how much she still thinks about him and loves him. Evidently she made two gift bags, one for me and one for the ex, and mixed them up.


Last year I got a gas station muffin that had a bite taken out of it.



My dad gave my step-mom a toilet seat once for Valentine’s Day. He genuinely thought he had the best gift ever.


My ex gave me a stuffed dog teddy bear, which I thought was strange because I am 100 percent a cat person. There was a little card pinned to its ear which had been signed ‘Love Sara.’ He re-gifted an old V-Day gift …


One time my dad got my mom earrings. My mom doesn’t have pierced ears. They had been married more than 10 years at this point. She was beyond mad at him.


Those are pretty any that are right up there?