It takes a lot of hard work, a good product and a loyal customer base to manage to stay in business in Maine for over 100 years. These five Maine businesses opened up over 100 years ago and are still in business today.


L.L. Bean - Freeport - 105 years

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Founded in Freeport in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean to sell his Maine Hunting Shoe out of one room, L.L.Bean has become a worldwide business with over 42 stores and a lot more than just the famous Maine Hunting Shoe, known today as the practical and fashion trendy Bean Boot. 105 years later, the flagship store still remains where it all started in Freeport.


Ripley & Fletcher Ford - South Paris - 108 years

Ripley & Fletcher Ford

The oldest Ford dealership in New England was selling Model T's back in 1909 when ir opened up for business in South Paris, right across from the railroad station where trains would regularly deliver new automobiles. Back in 1922, Ripley and Fletcher sold a Model T touring car to Eliza Davis of West Paris for $403 and two cows. Just take a look at the receipt above. The cars have changed, the railroad station is now Norway-Paris Soft Serve, but Ripley and Fletcher has remained in the same location selling cars for 108 years.


Amatos - Portland - 115 years

Giovanni Amato opened his sandwich shop on India Street in Portland in 1902 and named his signature sandwich an "italian" after his home country. The italian is now a Maine staple and Amato's has the honor of serving the "real" Maine italian. 115 years later, Amato's now has 44 stores in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont including the original in its same location on India Street.


Mathew's Pub  - Portland - 145 years

The old green sign still hangs off the building outside Mathew's Pub on Free Street in Portland itself as "Portland's Oldest Pub & Restaurant." Honestly, there's nothing to existing to verify the claim, but it's been there as long as anyone alive can verify. It's gone by many names over the years, but no one is around anymore to know what it was originally called.


B&M - Portland - 150 years

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You can still smell the beans cooking as you drive over Tukey's Bridge. That smell has been wafting over the waters of Back Cove since Burnham & Morrill moved their bean plant from Franklin Street to their state-of-the-art four story production plant in 1913. The B&M plant is over 100 years old, but the famous beans turn 150 this year. B&M is the only of our 5 Maine businesses over 100 that are publicly owned, but the company knows its roots and has kept the Portland plant churning out beans and brown bread right here in Portland.

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