I'll admit it, I'm addicted to Amazon.com. I mean, how can you not be? Just search, click, and wait for delivery. It doesn't get much better than that. Unless of course, you, or someone you know is also addicted to Maine and Maine made products and gifts. If that's the case, consider your Christmas shopping done!

Check out just a sample of Maine made goodies on Amazon.

Like these cherry wood Maine coasters.


What mom wouldn't love a set of these waterproof coated cherry wood coasters with the state of Maine on them? And at only $27.00, they're affordable.

If you live in Maine in the winter months, you know all about these..


The 'ol door draft stopper. This is essential to keep that cold air out during those brutal Nor'Easter's when the wind is just howling. This one is made in Maine and filled with fragrant balsam so not only will your house be warm, it will smell like Christmas! These come in a variety of different patterns. Also just $27.00.

This awesome wind chime bell.


These are made from recycled ship bells or buoy bells and will remind you of listening to the relaxing sounds of the ocean no matter where you live. Just $38.00

For the bearded one on your list, some Maine made Stache Bomb Stache Wax


At only $12.00 a can, this mustache and beard facial wax will keep those facial hairs in place all day. Made right here in Portland, this stache wax comes in a "manly pine scent" and includes a Stache Bomb logo guitar pick as a mustache wax scraper.

Let's not forget about all the Maine Made Hot Sauces.


There are dozens of delicious hot sauces that come from Maine and you can find most of them on Amazon. The prices vary of course, but the taste is always good. The Beast Feast Maine Howlah Hot Sauce runs about $14.00 and is worth every penny.