78 year old Ria Van den Brand, a grandmother from the Netherlands took her first coaster ride at the ripe young age of 78. Why did she do it? 

Because she was part of a campaign from telecom giant Vodafone about 'firsts'. She had never flown on a plane before, and the roller coaster ride was to help get her ready for it! She and 71 year old An Bernaards both took an airplane ride for the first time. An, who was even more nervous than Ria was put into a virtual reality flight simulator to get ready. An and Ria were strangers before this adventure, but they soon became fast friends.

Vodafone put together a 10 minute video on these two ladies. Yes, 10 minutes. I wouldn't spend 10 minutes on a video - but this video...I just loved it. If you can sneak 10 minutes, you'll have a much better day.

What is a first for you? For me it would be to swim. Of course, it would mean that I would have to learn how to swim, and I don't see that happening any time soon. But it would be a good first! What's yours?