Do you know how hard it is to get a surprise party for a now 9 year old on a Monday school night? But it went great! 

The theme (it's a recurring one due to massive amounts of sugar) was 'Cupcake Wars'. Three rounds, each with a theme and each with cupcakes loaded with some of the supplies from the candy table!

What? Is that the Q Van in the background?  I've got an in...shhhhh, they don't know it was missing!

So each round had a theme. There was an end of summer theme where they all had to wear swim goggles and leis.

Oh and that's where the judges come in. It was Meredith, Wayne and Lori. No that is not a new Q Morning Show, just who the judges were. Why Meredith and Wayne agreed to do this (they also judged last year) is beyond me. I mean, it's beyond nice. It's stupid nice. I am so appreciative and lucky.

Then there an 'Independence' theme. Now, the only thing we really had around the house were sombreros and mustaches, so we built off the theme of Mexico's independence! Cut me some slack, the 9 year olds bought it.

Chloe (the birthday girl) her brother Alden really got into this theme. Look how freaking adorable he is in his little man mustache!

He looks pretty good. There were some inappropriate jokes made by Wayne that I shall not repeat.

Overall the kids at a TON of candy, Chloe had a great time with her friends. Meredith and Wayne I'm sure will never have kids because of it, and I found myself exhausted at the end of it all.