My girlfriends Wayne and Scott were heading to Oxford Casino for the afternoon...I tagged along for just a bit. 

So Scott's mom (who is wonderful) is not feeling well these days. When she said she was up for Oxford Casino, we all dropped what we were doing to head up there.

I had to drop Casco off to get groomed (doesn't she look fabulous?)

Anyway, dropped Casco off and headed to the Casino. I brought a crisp 100 dollar bill thinking, I can blow that in an hour. It was worth it to see the boys and Shirley and Jim (Scott's parents)

I sat next to Scott at some Cher giant slot machine.

Cher gave me 99 dollars. I moved on. I've almost doubled my money at this point. I found Wayne and sat next to him at a machine I didn't even catch the name of...

I hit something and Wayne says,

Oh that's gonna be a big payoff!

I was like,

It is?


Holy cow...well, I kept going....

And going.....

What the what??! That's what Wayne was saying as he was NOT having the luck I was. Well, I had a little trimmed dog that needed to be picked up, so alas I had to scoot. (even though Wayne was encouraging me to let Casco just spend the night)


This is what I walked out of Oxford Casino with...

That has never happened before...I mean...wowzer. Not a bad payday for an hour's worth of fun.

By the way, we are all very excited for the Casino's hotel. The construction is coming right along.

Thanks for a 'wicked good time!'