Walking to my car parked on the street at One City Center, a man called me over. I thought he needed help finding some place in Portland and I was more than willing to help.

But when I went to him, he was very upset - crying about his sister and breast cancer and a bus ticket and how he didn't have enough money. He was clutching a couple of dollars a gentleman had JUST given him.

He was upset that he didn't want to see his sister with chemo and that she would be different and he was scared. I encouraged him to be there for his sister and asked how much he needed for the bus ride.

He needed 20 dollars - so I gave it to him. He was very moved, which of course moved me. I had to run and told him to be with his sister. As I walked away he called to me and said thank you. It was the most sincere thank you - it made me cry.

So, I told a couple of co-workers this story and they labeled me a giant sucker. So - tell me my honest listeners..am I an idiot or very nice?

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