As we head into the home stretch of the 2016 election, we're being inundated with political ads. Putting politics aside, this ad has made me cringe every time it comes on.

My annoyance with this ad has nothing to do with the candidate, the message, or anything at all concerning politics. What's annoying is that these people are trying so hard to act, but failing miserably.

I see what they're trying to do here. A bunch of Mainer's enjoying their dinner at Dysart's in Bangor supporting their candidate. What could drive the message home any better? To me though, the message is lost because I can't get past the bad acting. Everything about it is so unnatural.

Now if you want to shoot a political ad at Dysart's, get the chicken pot pie baked in a buttery, flaky crust and have these two endorse you. No cringing. Just gut busting laughter.