Ariana Grande dropped her new single "Problem" (Feat. Iggy Azalea) on Monday. If you feel like you've heard it before, you're not alone. While “Problem” is probably the freshest pop song of the moment, little tidbits from the track draw reference to songs we loved 10 years ago. If parts of the song sound familiar, it may be that Ariana and her team pulled bits and pieces from hits of days’ past. It’s not a vintage throwback for the 20-year-old, seeing as she’s only going back a few years for inspo, so let’s call it her mini-throwback.

Here's a list of some songs she may have sampled:

"Get Right" from JLo

"Wait (The Whisper Song)-Ying Yang Twins

"1 Thing" Amerie

Just to name a few. Check out Ariana's live performance from the RDMA's