Shannon Moss, Jacob and Dave (the crew!) came to my house Wednesday November 13th to tape an episode of Shannon's new show on WPME/WPXT 'Split Screen'.

Meredith and Jeff came too!  We cooked a Thanksgiving MY kitchen..on TV!  First off, has anyone ever had a camera crew in their house with 3 kids?!  I was a tad nervous.  But nothing that hours and hours of cleaning didn't cure!

Dave from the crew gets ready.

It was the first time the whole Q Morning Show had ever been to my house and it was a blast!  We cooked, and pretended to cook (Jeff) and made a pretty decent meal!  It was fun to get behind the scene shots of what was going on.

Jeff getting ready for a picture by Shannon Moss AND the cameras!

 Meredith Manning and Shannon Moss checking out the amazing bird about to go in!


Of course, it took HOURS for that turkey to cook, so the finished product wasn't until everyone was long gone. But look at this final product!  Turkey (Lori), green bean casserole (Jeff) and stuffing in a pumpkin (Meredith).

Wow.  Nice final product. That looks like a real Thanksgiving meal!

By the way, the green bean casserole in the blue pan has the lid on it because I forgot to take the picture before I ate some.  Oops.

Since the meal took HOURS and was done way after everyone left the house, I brought in a Thanksgiving dinner for Meredith and Jeff the next morning.  Now, I know - not the prettiest meal, but it was tasty!

Thanksgiving at 6am in the Q Studio!

Okay, I do have to admit...this is NOT the best looking food.  But you try dragging in a meal at 430 in the morning.

The whole taping was actually was a ton of fun, and I can't wait to see the final project! Thanks to Shannon, Dave and Jacob and also Meredith and Jeff for not trashing my place!

Catch the show on Saturday 11/16 at 9am/1030pm on WPME and 1130am on WPXT!