I have been to Acadia National Park about a dozen times in my life. I have never been with children. 

Without kids I would never have done Dive-In Theater with Diver Ed. This was the MOST fun educational thing I've ever done! Diver Ed takes a bunch of people (and kids) out on a boat to an area with water about 60-100 feet deep. Then he dives on in! This is Diver Ed getting ready!

Then he brings down some of the most state of the art equipment where he uses a camera to show you the creatures at the bottom of the Atlantic. And Diver Ed is quite the showman and remember...there are kids on this cruise. Check out his battle with a lobster!

I learned so much on this cruise! Did you know that lobsters can swim up to 60 mph? Or that starfish are vanishing and no one knows why? Or that your kid is going to grow up calling starfish sea stars because there is some freaky campaign to change the name because they are not fish. Uh, that's stupid. Sea cucumbers aren't vegetables, but no one is trying to change their name!

Diver Ed could talk to the boat about what he was looking at, and his wife was on top speaking back to him! Remember how I said I learned so much? Well, I forgot what this thing is!

Then Diver Ed comes back onto the boat and shares with everyone what he caught! My favorite was the sea cucumber. It was gross and giant and no...I didn't touch it.


Kids are fearless...me not so much. Although Diver Ed is big into kissing all the creatures in the ocean. So I did kiss a crab - and yes, that big burly man is Diver Ed.



He got all sorts of goodies from the bottom of the Atlantic!


Yes...those are sand dollars too! I like those a lot.

He was funny when describing how some of the tiny sea creatures eat. Since there were kids on this cruise (some repeaters!) he was pretty gross. You know how kids love gross. Well this is Diver Ed describing to Alden (one of the twins) what it's like when a sea creatures eats your stomach! I told you it was gross!


If you find yourself in Acadia with the kids (or without - I won't tell) find Diver Ed and book a cruise! He's worth every penny!