This has become a tradition for the family that we love. We head to Santa's Village for their New Year's Eve Partybration! If you want to, get your tickets NOW online! It WILL sell out! 

If you want to sleep through the New Year, you can head up to Santa's Village in Jefferson, NH for their final two weekends.

Saturday and Sunday December 9th and 10th and then Saturday and Sunday December 16th and 17th. Saturdays from 11 am to 7 pm, and Sundays they close at 6 pm.  (insiders note: Sundays usually have a lighter turn out than Saturday) These final two weekends are a ton of fun, and there is no risk of them selling out. You can get tickets right there at Santa's Village.


But if you want to bring in the New Year in the MOST fun awesome way with fireworks, food and fun - then you want to head to Santa's Village Partybration on New Year's Eve.



You must buy tickets in advance for the Partybration. They limit the crowd so you can really move around and have even more fun, so GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY. They always, always, always sell out!


If you've never been..let me give you a walking tour.

First when you get to Santa's Village, you are greeted by a talking Rudolph! Not just a talking Rudolph...but a brilliant one with great taste in radio stations :


Then when you walk in, you get the feeling of walking into Fenway. It's sooooo cool! The lights are amazing. They must have hundreds of thousands of lights. For the best view, I recommend the Skyway Sleigh Monorail. It's a tour of the park from above!


New to Santa's Village for the past couple of years is You Tubing. You grab a tube and then swoosh down a hill at what feels like lightning fast speed! I think my weight is unevenly distributed because I ended up spinning backwards!


Then one of my ultimate favorite things is the Chimney Drop. I call it in the video the Chimney Sweeper, but that's only because I'm an idiot and am distracted by my absolute favorite thing...the Mini Doe-Nut Factory. You can hear my obsession while on the ride...


And since Santa's Village specializes in kids (and grown ups) having fun - guess when the fireworks are? 8 pm!! Now THAT'S a New Year's Partybration I can stay up for! They do a fantastic job with the fireworks too!


Here are a few more pictures from the adventure. If you are thinking about what to do with the kids to bring in 2018...I think you'd have just as much fun as I do at Santa's Village! Remember, get your tikckets early and online!




Oh and I should mention, food is included with the price of the ticket to the New Years Eve Partybration! I had a cheeseburger, fries, onion rings, chicken strips, chili, mini HOT donuts, coffee, diet Coke, hot chocolate, a small nap and a pretzel.