Wow. We are almost exactly seven months away from the 14th Annual 'Cans for a Cure'. Our yearly fundraiser to fight breast cancer. But we are full steam ahead thanks to some businesses who have hopped on board early! Picked these bottles and cans up today!

Last year when we doubled our goal to ONE MILLION BOTTLES AND CANS (50,000 dollars for the Cancer Community Center and Maine Cancer Foundation) we learned quick - that's a lot of #$%^&* cans!

That's when area businesses stepped up and have decided to help us months before breast cancer awareness month and the actual 'Cans for a Cure' event! So, we need to let you know who is going above and beyond to help!



Special thanks to Robin Goodwin who works for Otto Pizza and set up several of their locations to give us their bottles and cans! We go every two weeks and usually get a van full! Thanks guys...oh and your pizza is life changing!




Nancy and Ruben at Guerrero Maya have been involved in giving back to the community since opening. They are giving us their bottles and cans, have given money during 'Cans for a Cure' and are committed to making sure we hit our goal. Oh, and the tequila poppers are amazing.





I've been having breakfast at the Freeport Cafe for over 20 years. I just love it. Oh and lunch is damn good too. Amy Gillis got involved in last years 'Cans for a Cure' and mentioned she wanted to get more involved this year. She is not only collecting bottles and cans but taking them directly to Clynk for us! She rocks and I am super grateful for her help!


Freeport Cafe recently took over The Lobster Cooker! Amy Gillis (see above!) is giving us their cans and bottles too! Thank you Amy and congrats on The Lobster Cooker! Can't wait to have dinner there!



I have to say...Food City is one of my favorite contributors. It's because of Kirsten Wears. I think she is my twin regarding sense of humor. She is as funny as she is generous. Ready for this? They BUILT A SHED TO COLLECT BOTTLES AND CANS! Let me repeat that...they built a shed to collect bottles and cans for us!

They are gonna decorate this bad boy and fill it up! I am moved beyond words at how generous everyone is! By the way, Food City is amazing for specials, they care about the customers and obviously the community. Please stop by for fresh meats that are all local!




Erin Mathews heard us talking about how businesses are helping behind the scenes months before 'Cans for a Cure'. She said that in their lunchroom, they have a ton of bottles and cans! Certify Inc., is a company that can help with travel and expenses. It's located in the gorgeous Cannery on York Street in Portland - they are also a weekly contributor! Thank you Erin for going out of your way to help!




These guys started it all. Oxford Casino decided last year that we were gonna double our goal and they were going to help. Without these guys, 'Cans for a Cure' would never reach their goal of a million bottles and cans! Thanks to Matt, Dana, Kelsey..oh heck, there's a ton of people that make this happen! Every week they contribute their bottles and cans. And of course the ladies nights are a blast and a huge fundraiser!


Big major thanks to everyone! It is your dedication, your commitment and your kindness that will help find a cure for breast cancer!