The 11th Annual Cancer Community Center has started and it runs through March 27th. There are hundreds and hundreds of items, and the auction is updated with new items daily! But this year - well, there's some possibly not so friendly competition! 

There's a chance for you to sit in on the Q Morning Show and see what happens behind the scenes with Meredith, Jeff and Lori.

Kim Block is back with a behind the scenes day also at WGME 13. Last year she beat us raising more money! Arrrrg!

But this year, there's a new kid in town. It's a behind the scenes at the morning show on WPOR radio...the COUNTRY STATION! If they get more bids than us, that is going to upset my apple cart. But in fairness, and to raise money for the Cancer Community Center...

Whatever item you bid on, it all goes to a great cause! So bid early and bid often!