Yes, that is a baby chicken in an adorable crown.  It's all part of Mainer Julie Persons and her daughter Ruby's project called Chicks in Hats. They live up in Norridgewock, and their Facebook page has over 3500 fans. The project started with Ruby's pet gerbil, but this year they got chicks. And guess what hats fit the best?

Vintage Barbie hats. Now I raised chickens. 200 of them to be exact.  They were little adorable chicks, then chickens - then dinner. I never once thought of putting hats on the little buggers!  Damn it!  They are selling the photos on Etsy and are doing quite well. So well, they won't say how well.  Good for them!  Oh and I love that they are Mainers.

Mmmmm, what do you think?  Diabetic Old Cat in Pants? Hey, it could work!