When I first moved to Maine, I did NOT understand a festival based on the clam. Nor did I quite get what a 'clam cake' was. I've been here 25 years and not only get it, but I am in the clam shucking contest at the Yarmouth Clam Festival!

So what is the clam shucking festival? Well, it's something that Jeff Parsons and I lose every year. Here are some of the winners. And yes, they are all in TV.


No. Jeff and I are not in this photo. They don't take pictures of losers.

I'm a fan of the clam (stop giggling) but I also am a fan of lobsters. This year the Yarmouth Clam Festival will sell 6,000 lobster rolls! This kids cutting out the middle man!

Yarmouth Clam Festival

The parade was Friday and we were late putting out our chairs this year. Yes, you can put out your chairs early to scoop up a good viewing spot for the parade. NO they won't be stolen. Only in Maine.

You can't forget about Steamer! I think his (or her) name should be Clammy...but I'm odd.

Yarmouth Clam Festival

He/She is very popular. The Yarmouth Clam Festival ends Sunday!