Cancer has hit a family in Sanford hard. To help, Hollywood Hair is holding a Cut-A-Thon on November 13th. Maybe you can get your haircut and help out a great family.

Sadly Kristen has contacted the Q before about another Cut-A-Thon and needed our help again:

My name is Kristen Pernie. I reached out to 97.9 to help me get word out about an event we were holding at Hollywood Hair in sanford me. This event was for my nana Cathy Nichols. The date of the event was April 12, 2015. She had pancreatic cancer. We held a Cut-A-Thon to help with cost. She did end up passing on June 20th 2015. It was a big hit to my family. Well now cancer has visited my family again.
This time my mom Cindy Collins. She has been diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma. The diagnosis has changes now to HPV. It is located in her neck. She is a fighter and will start intensive radiation treatments for 5 days a week for 7 weeks. Each week she will also have chemotherapy. She has already been out of work for about 2 months and can't work till she gets better. So me and my work girls are holding a Cut-A-Thon for my mom to help her with cost. I was hoping to get help from the Q again. I was more than gratful for the help last time.
Thank you
Kristen Pernie
Kristen, the Q is more than happy to help spread the word and we are so sorry that you and your family have to deal with cancer again. We wish your mom strength and good health.