Ah, young Jedi. If you want THIS experience at Hollywood Studios, put on your running shoes! Day 5 and 6 at Disney were all about getting up at the crack of are you nuts, and running - literally - running toward a Disney attraction. And let me tell you what...you ain't the only one!

'Jedi Training' is an experience at Hollywood Studios where your kid gets a quick lesson on a light saber then gets to fight Darth Vader as he begs you to join him. It IS pretty cool, but it IS also just damn crazy what you have to do to get to it.


That is one of our Padawans. And guess what we did...we did it TWICE! The only reason we got in twice was because it started to pour, and I do mean pour rain! (Sorry Jeff, cut off age is 12)


We also squeezed in some really cool rides. One was called Toy Story Mania. We found out that it is the MOST popular ride of all of Disney. So of course, we didn't have a Fast Pass for THAT ride, but we did to meet Rapunzel? I was not in charge.


There are no good pictures of the actual ride because it's in 3-D! It is sooooo amazing. You shoot virtual paint balls and break balloons, and plates and hit moving targets and collect points. I had an absolute blast! Even though I waited a total of about 2 1/2 hours in line..to do it twice...with 3 kids. They didn't understand the concept that waiting was part of the fun!

That night ended with a show called 'Fantasmic'.


And like all things Disney, it was packed (10,000 people) and amazing. I mean water is on fire for God's sake!

That brings us to the last day and meeting Elsa and Anna from 'Frozen' on our last day. The most popular Disney movie-money-making-character-creating-craziness going. To meet Elsa and Anna you have to go to Epcot and head to Norway. And you better really want to meet her, because we (Jen) RAN LIKE SHE WAS ON FIRE and we still had to wait an hour and a half. We were there a half an hour before the park even opened! And let me tell you, parents will do anything for their kids. This was a big birthday present/once in a lifetime trip - and all I kept thinking is I got a wagon when I turned 9.


These are the two that make grown people act like wild animals. Hey, I was in that line too. Selfie please! That is the only reason we actually went to Epcot, so we left and made our way back to the Lodge to swim in the cool pool. That is where I met two more listeners! I swear, was anyone in Maine last week? I absolutely loved, loved, loved meeting Mainers. It was sort of a weird comforting thing.

Anywhooooo, then it was BACK to the Magic Kingdom for (ready?) Tomorowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party. It's basically a giant buffet of desserts at 930 at night then you watch fireworks and an extremely cool light show ON the Castle.


I thought the fireworks were okay, but the light show on the castle was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Truly...it was spectacular. Oh and the desserts were pretty good too! It was like Dessert First, only warmer.

That was Sunday night. We left Monday late. So we just hung at the pool before the Magical Express came and swept us back to Maine.

I had a wonderful vacation. It certainly was the furthest from relaxing, but it was very cool. However, if I am told one more time to have a magical day...well, I can't be responsible for what I do.