Discovery Cove is where you get to swim with dolphins. It's been on Jen's bucket list, and she can scratch that sucker off! Oh and the kids loved it too! And yes, I did too!

Now, I'm not swimmer, but you don't have to be to enjoy swimming with dolphins. I've actually been lucky enough to have this be my second time. And I loved it just as much as the first! Who doesn't love dolphins? (besides Jeff Parsons!)

But before the fun started, I had to pee and look what I saw!

Okay Greg...that's for you!

Now about Discovery Cove. Our dolphin swim wasn't until 1pm. But we were there at 8am! What to do? Well, we ate breakfast, then dove into the water. 85 degrees in most of the pools! If you wanted to see fish, ya had dive into some chilly water. I was good with no fish - the rest of the family swam like little fishes themselves. I was fine soaking up a few rays of sunshine.

Now getting pictures on a day where you are in the water all day was tricky. But here is a picture of the dolphins and what we did. It's just not us doing it! Okay, that's kinda funny.

We got to kiss the dolphin, hug the dolphin, swim with the dolphin, do tricks with the dolphin...the only thing we couldn't do was take home a dolphin much to the disappointment of three small children.  We do have TONS of pictures that they GLADLY will sell to you, but I can't get to them...yet.

So after the dolphin amazement, we all went back into the water and floated down what is called 'The Wind Away River'. I loved it! I had a wet suit on AND a life jacket. I loved it - except one part - THE WATERFALLS! There were two. Let me repeat - I am not a swimmer. I don't like getting my head wet when I go in the water. There is no getting around that with a friggin' waterfall! So I share this so that when you see the picture of the bird on my head (more on that later) you won't think I was beat up, that's makeup!!!

So speaking of a bird on my head. There's an aviary. A very cool area where you can feed birds! I remembered that from last time and I reallllly wanted to see it again. I could not get the rest of the family out of the water, so I went alone.

That bird first started on my shoulder - I damn near freaked. Was NOT expecting that!

The whole experience at Discovery Cove is really amazing. But if you want to go, start saving now like it's a college education! This vacation really is a once in a lifetime, because when we got back to the room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge - there was a giraffe out our window!!

I'm bummed cuz it was just dark enough to take lousy picures.

Okay, that's a pretty good day. I am absolutely pooped. There is something about being in water all day and the sun and eating that can really exhaust a person. I know - shut up! It's back to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow! Jedi training! I can't believe it's going to be Day Five!