That is a sunrise on an airplane. For over two years Jen and I have been saving and planning a trip to Disney for the kiddos. We're doing it up. If you're gonna go, you might as well go big. So, at 4am Tuesday morning we woke everybody and headed to the airport.

We were on a plane and in the air by 6am. Two 6 year old boys and an almost 9 year old and two very tired grown ups. The flights were very uneventful and we were in Orlando by noon! To be outside without a coat was amazing. Even though it got a little nippy (60s) you could tell we were the Mainers - in shorts and t-shirts...loving every ray of sunshine!

Our first plan was to head for one day to Sea World. Jen has never been and it was part of the bigger plan (more on that later). We had footlong hotdogs that were so big they were obscene (as was the price) and ice cream! But enough about human food.

We fed stingrays, AND dolphins! Then went to see a show - which was pretty damn impressive!

Wednesday we head to THE MAGIC KINGDOM (you must say in huge voice with echo). We are staying in Disney which I have never done. I'm pretty excited. One 'must' on the list is to meet Elsa and Anna from the movie Disney. I read this article on the plane down in Entertainment Weekly:

I can't find the article on line to share, but let me just say that it basically said Elsa and Anna are the most popular thing Disney has going right now,and we will be waiting in line for HOURS. And there's no getting around it. No fast pass, no 'but I'm Lori Voornas'...nothing. By the way, kidding about that last one. But it's on the 'must' list - so I'll let ya know how it goes. Right now it's around 10pm. The kids are long gone and I'm in the lobby typing as to not wake them. I think I may eat something really bad for me and get ready for Day Two! P.S. It was 'Skittles'!