Yes, a knight, a princess and a pirate! Day three was all about the little ones and getting them all duded up. After all, this isn't just a trip to Disney - it's all about their birthdays too!So let's start at the beginning with extra MAGIC hours. Yes, the park opened up an hour early for those staying in the park. So, since we are, we got to get up super duper early and head in for lines shorter than three miles. What we did - twice - was that Buzz Lightyear ride! The one with the ridiculous photo of mine from yesterdays blog! That ride is awesome. Now for the blow your mind part. Walking to the ride I hear, "Hi Lori!" I turn around and there is someone from Maine! But we were going in opposite directions and I gave a quick surprised hello and off we were...

But this sweet girl and her mom WAITED for me at the end of the ride. Now, it was a little hectic as we were on our way to a 9am appointment, so I did not have the forethought to get a picture! And if my memory serves me I believe her name was Mary (God I hope I got that right). Here's the CRAZY part! Mary came into the studio four years ago as an 8 year old with two friends. The three of them would play, "The Q Morning Show" at recess and Mary was mini Lori! I met my mini version 4 years later - at Disney - AND she's taller than I am!!  I have to made my day!

If you are reading this Mary:

  • I hope that's your name
  • And thanks for making my day.
Oh and there was a bathroom break and on the way taking one of the twins to the bathroom I ran into another filiming! This time I saw Haley from Modern Family!!

I have no idea what the heck she was shooting because it was so early - but I love Modern Family and I love Sarah Hyland.

Now to that 9am appointment that made me too scatter brained to soak up Mary and the moment. It was a princess makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. That was the 8 year old's birthday present. She chose Merida from Brave. She loved it and looked great. See above photo.

Then one of the twins who just turned 6 a couple of weeks ago wanted to be a pirate, so off too the Pirates League we went! He became James Stormwater! And he looked adorable and menacing! The other 6 year old stayed a knight and his special treat is in a couple of days!

Then - it was meal one with characters: The Crystal Palace!

Yes, that's me and Piglet in a selfie. You know...I never take selfies and now I have like 20 of them and all with big fuzzy animals that don't talk.

Then it was FAST PASS for meeting: Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel! They were all very nice. Then guess what - another character dinner! This time it was with Cinderella, Prince Charming, the wicked step sisters and the wicked stepmother and yes, here comes another selfie!

I'm still working on the skill of the selfie. As you can see the stepmom has it going on!

Then it was back to the Animal Kingdom (where we are staying) and crashing like someone beat us with two by fours all day. Which if you look at some of the people walking around Disney is exactly what they look like. Another magical day tomorrow...