At a peak of only 469 feet, you might think Bradbury Mountain in Pownal would be better described as a hill. Once you're at the summit though, the view tells you differently. 

Bradbury Mountain State Park is consists of 730 acres of hiking trails with all of them leading to the summit of the mountain, where you can see beautiful panoramic views of Yarmouth, Freeport, and all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

There are trails for all levels of hikers. Some are steep up the mountain, others take the long way around like Boundary, sending you around the park until you arrive at the summit.

Bradbury Mountain State Park

The trails are popular all year round, but based on all the photos we've seen on Instagram, fall seems to be the most popular and most beautiful time for a hike.

If you want to plan your fall hike to Bradbury Mountain, now's the time and there's a website for that.