Dear diary,

You may recognize me from different radio station events… I’m the promo-girl extraordinaire. I’ve had a lot of interesting things happen to me while working, while on my own time, and just general life experiences that come with being a 20-something in Portland. I am going to chronicle them here…



I love going to concerts, especially ones where I can dress more creatively than I do at the office. I get to dress to really express myself. And guys can do the same. But, I don’t go up to guys because they have skinny jeans on and grab their junk… or grab their pecs if they have a tight shirt on.

I’ve recently found that dressing creatively is turning into a less than pleasant experience. Boys (and I use boys instead of men because, well, frankly this small percentage of boys are not acting close to how a man should act) seem to think that when I wear something that is tight or showing a lot of skin that it is an invitation to get waaaaay to close in my personal bubble. And I don’t mean just standing too close to me because it is crowded in the pit or in line for a drink. I mean placing their hands on me, grabbing me, and wrapping their arms around me. I have told boys off. I have slapped their hands off me. I have walked away and got security to make sure it didn’t happen again. I’ve even made sure that my male coworkers (if I didn’t bring my dad to the concert) are nearby. Just last week, I saw Snoop Dogg. Apparently, wearing short shorts and a crop top is an invitation for boys to get all grabby on MY body.

I just cannot comprehend it.

Why is this happening? I wouldn’t think of doing those actions to a guy. I’m not asking for it. Why aren't boys (who should grow up to be men) taught to respect women no matter what they are wearing?

So, my question to you out there is… what would you do in my shoes? #mypersonalspace #promogirldiary


Michelle, the promo-girl