This may just be a holiday you add the list to celebrate...

The Q for the 5th year has helped Secret Santa spread holiday cheer one envelope at a time. That envelope just happens to have a 100 dollar bill inside.


There's also a note that asks if you'd like, you can share what it meant to be on the receiving end of Secret Santa.

Dana did just that.

Today as I was leaving Walmart in Lewiston, I was approached by woman and introduced herself as Lori, from the Q Morning Show. She told me she was taking part in Secret Santa and handed me an envelope containing $100. I was so shocked. I kept asking if she was serious. She said she was and asked me if the three kids with me were mine and I said, "Yes, they are." We talked a bit more and then parted ways. It wasn't until I got my three kids (ages 1-3) buckled in their seats that what just happened sank in. A complete stranger just helped me make a better Christmas for my kids. I'm a single mother, living with my parents, and I was recently let go from my job. Money's tight and with my step dad having surgery on the 19, he will be recovering for 4-5 weeks. There will only be one income to take care of 6 people for at least a month. I sat in our car and cried. I was struggling to make this Christmas good for my kids and my prayers were answered. I can't ever explain how grateful I am. And I plan on paying it forward. So thank you, Secret Santa, for this generous gift.

I read this email on-air. I struggled to get through it, as it makes me tear up. It touched a lot of people - including Dan Perry who wrote his own email to me...

My wife heard you talking about a family in need this season. It was a mom that would be needing to support her family of 6 on one income for a while. We were touched by her story and want to help out a bit more.  Is there a way that we can match the $100 donation that was given by the secret santa? Is it possible to find out what her kids want for Christmas?


Today is a special day in our family.  It is called Bobo the Christmas Monkey Day.  It is a day started by my parents before they passed away where all the kids were given $25 to do something nice for another with.  It had to have some thought behind it and had to positively impact another person's life. Please let us know what we can do to help.  email me or give my cell phone a call.

Here's the inside of the Bobo card:

Dan Perry

I love Bobo the Christmas Monkey!

I know that Dan and his family aren't alone in trying to instill the true Christmas spirit in their kids.

Share what you do to celebrate what this whole Christmas is really about...for me, I may just have Bobo become part of my family too.