I've had enough Facebook. You're making me angry now. I'd break up with you but Myspace is for bands now and no one uses Google+. Please do me a favor and stop this. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is irritated. 

I set my newsfeed to "Most Recent" and you keep changing it back to "Top Stories!!!!!" You know what that gives me?


Lots and lots of cats because cats are apparently the top stories on Facebook

I don't care about cats

Cats are evil

Stop showing me cats!!!!

At this point Facebook might as well change "Top Stories" to "Cat Stories." My only recourse is to keep switching my feed back to Most Recent which in case you haven't noticed isn't an easy thing to do on your mobile device.

If you're having trouble like I was, here are a couple of handy links on how to switch back to Most Recent on your mobile device and kick the kitties to the kurb....uh...curb.