13 year old Katie Black was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 6 months old.  The disease keeps her from being as active as she'd like to be. Her body gives her no signs that her blood sugar is low or high and she can easily spike and dip throughout the day. She checks her blood every two hours. She also wears and insulin pump.

Her original dream was to be with her friends on the cheer leading squad. But because her blood sugar is so sporadic, she can't be on the team.

But she also loves music and another dream of hers was to make her own music.So the Cumberland County Sheriff's office and the Dream Factory bought Katie some amazing dj equipment and an MacBrook Pro 13.


That's Deputy Joe and the Morning Show...I'm the short one. Joe was who I worked with to get Katie the radio part of the dream. We brought her in and let her see how 'the sausage is made' for a couple of hours Friday. She's a sweet girl who was very quiet and very observant.

Then we had Sheriff Joyce present her with the goods.


Fancy schmancy stuff I know nothing about. That's why Katie came back in the afternoon to hang out with Rob Steele and Your Favorite Homie JR with the 'Mix @6'. Katie will get to live her dream of making music with the Q.

We wanted to thank the Dream Factory (Chris and John) for including us in this great dream. Katie is a very sweet girl and I'm sure we'll be playing her music soon on the Q!