Do you watch your language around kids? Have you accidentally sworn in front of them? Have I got good news for you!

I swear my dad's favorite word was the f-word. I went to school saying it left and right. Kids were horrified and would whisper,

You can't say that! It's a bad word.

I assured them it was okay because,

My dad says it allll the time.

Turns out my dad may not have been the worst parent after all. Benjamin Bergen, a professor of cognitive science at the University of California in San Diego has a new book out called, 'What the F: What Swearing Reveals About our Language, Our Brains and Ourselves.'

Turns out swearing isn't what damages kids - it's slurs! Kids (middle school) exposed to homophobic slurs reported feeling

'less connected to their school lives. They also exhibited symptoms of anxiety and depression. But there's no similar proof that exposure to ordinary profanity - four-lettter words - causes any sort of direct harm: no increased aggression, stunted vocabulary, numbed emotions or anything else.'

SOURCE: Portland Press Herald

Well, well, well...a couple of things I take from this. My dad didn't damage me from all of his swearing and if I slip - I won't be doing permanent damage either.

But I still try to watch my P's and Q's. It just feels wrong to swear in front of little kids...

Might want to hold the soap trick for another time...