So there I was leaving work, minding my own business - when this happened...

I was approached by a young man (probably 25 ish. Everyone is now 25 ish since Kylie). He asked me,

Has anyone given you a flower today?

What an odd question. It took me totally off guard and I stumbled out a 'no'.

Then he said,

Here ya go!

And he took off with a couple of friends. This was right outside our studios at One City Center. How lovely. It really stopped me and made me feel really nice.


I was at the bank recently and a teller (and listener) told me that her mom saw me walk out of One City Center recently. She said I walked like a celebrity. If you have ever seen me I? Dear God..she said I had a 'strut' to me....please, please, please tell me I do not strut. Maybe it's just osteoporosis...