What's the world's most popular lucky number? A new survey asked 44,000 people to identify their lucky number and the most popular answer is.... 

7! By a landslide.

This guy over in the UK, Alex Bellos, puts a lot of time into this stuff. There are historical (and possibly biblical) reasons why we have been defaulting to the number 7 for a long time! You've probably heard of Numerology. There is a lot more to numbers than you might think! The number 7 relates to thought/consciousness/spirit. There's a lot more about numerology here. 

Here is the (somewhat confusing looking) list of the most popular lucky numbers.

1 Seven
2 Three
3 Eight
4 Four
5 Five
6 Thirteen
7 Nine
8 Six
9 Two
10 Eleven

So, what's yours and why?