It's stupid cold! Air temperatures in Portland were below zero all morning long, the wind chills were -15° to -30º, and the air temperature tonight will go to -15° to -20°. This is just crazy!

I park on Commercial Street in Portland and walk a half mile or so to the Q studios at One City Center each day. It takes about seven minutes, but I knew that today was going to be the longest seven minutes ever with wind chills like this.

My girlfriend suggested I wear a scarf to protect my face. I had never worn a scarf in my life, but I liked the idea better than a ski mask. I know they were invented for skiing, but if you aren't actually skiing you look like you're going to rob a convenience store for booze and cigarettes.

She even showed me how to properly wear the scarf. Wrap it around my neck a few times making sure to cover up most of my face, then put my jacket on over it. I can say it worked fantastically! With my long underwear, sweatshirt, hat, gloves, boots, scarf and hood, I was warm for the entire walk. I couldn't see more than three feet in front of me, but I made it!

Now that I have found the benefits of a scarf, I'm a fan. I'll never leave home without one! So what are your must haves to stay warm if you are going out in sub zero weather?