It seems like every year my Christmas shopping list gets longer and longer. It makes me wonder how I can possibly have this many friends and family. This gets expensive!

I have to prioritize. My son of course has the most spent on him. Seven-year-olds want a lot of presents! The problem with seven-year-olds though is that things they want are the most expensive. Video game systems and games are ridiculously priced. Don't even get me started on Legos. I had Legos when I was a kid and a set didn't cost over $100! Way too much money to have to constantly pick them up off the floor before you step on them.

My girlfriend comes next. I try to think of practical gifts. She always forgets to turn off the iron, so I thought a new iron with an auto shutoff would be nice. Then I realize that's sending the wrong message. With her though, if all other creative ideas fail, a gift card for shoes will always works.

Then comes my family. They're the hardest to buy for. I'm still still working on that. And finally, and I really mean finally...the two I work with. I'm thinking scratch tickets.

So you can see how this all gets expensive. How much have you, or do you plan to spend on Christmas gifts this year? How do you prioritize your gifts giving? Do you have a set budget. Do you save throughout the year?

I want to hear how you handle holiday shopping finances. I can use some pointers for next year! Let me know in the comments, or email me at