Let me be straight forward with you. These videos are just plain weird. Someone by the name of Jesse Smith has taken it upon himself to produce videos that instruct you on how to pronounce U.S. cities and towns including a whole bunch from Maine. Except they really don't.

Every single video on YouTube, and there are hundreds, uses a creepy robotic voice singing a song about the city or town and it's not that easy to understand. In fact, the robotic voice gets some of them wrong! Listen to how it pronounces Biddeford.

What on earth could posses someone to do this? He's still making them too! There were several new towns posted within the last few hours as I write this.

Next time I'm sitting on the couch in my underwear eating Cheetos and watching Fletch for the 1000th time, I won't be thinking I don't have a life. This guy wins.

Now a clip from Fletch: