I was driving in Portland when I damn near crashed, whipped around and followed and then cornered the man on a bike with a pink beard and hair. I am SO glad I did! 


I approached Mr. Pink Beard (Stephen Betters) and asked if I could take his picture. He said,

I get that a lot.


I bet he does. First the pink beard I thought, breast cancer! He actually has a pink beard because he lost a bet. But he wasn't just going to go through with the bet, but take it to a whole level called...


He said that if his Facebook page got 500 likes, he would donate 500 dollars to the Barbara Bush Children's hospital...that was in 2014.

Facebook/Lemonade for Kids

He has not only donated 500 dollars, but has started a charity and now finds himself doing this pretty much full time (he's a retired postal worker and Army vet).

I had just a few minutes in a credit union parking lot, but I couldn't be happier I chased down the man who lost a bet and turned it into helping kids.

I see a future guest in our studio...