Our chairs had been set out five days earlier. We were set to watch the 49th Annual Yarmouth Clam Festival parade! 

People take this parade pretty seriously. It's been around forever, and it's a packed parade! Lots and lots of floats and celebrities!


Yes, I did exactly what you aren't suppose to. I ran to the car that Jackie Ward and Amanda Hill were on during the parade. This happy photo is of the 2013 winner and loser of the clam shucking contest. This was taken BEFORE the 2014 shucking! So of course, it's all smiles. Sidenote: why do I feel the need to show you every single one of my teeth in selfies?

Then look who was there! It's Bob Crowley! The former Gorham High School teacher who won a million dollars on Survivor!


He's such a nice guy and rocking the bow tie for the parade!

There were lots of neat things at the parade. There were clowns:


There were tiny cars and semis from the Shriners:


They always give a side high five as they drive by! I want to drive one of those little cars so much!

Another big hit are the Gym Dandies. These kids are amazing. Check out this one juggling AND doing some gigantic unicycle.

But it's nothing without the clams! So, time to plop down a down payment (yes, they were a tad pricey) and eat the festivals namesake!


Look at the death grip I have on these bad boys. You would too! I didn't want to drop them! I'm holding 40 dollars worth of clams! They were delicious. But I'm glad the festival is only once a year!

And yes, there were rides (I can only handle the slide) and carnival food too. Here's what I had for dessert.


I would have shown you the actual fried dough, but by the time I thought of taking a picture it was in my belly!

Hope you made it to the festival this year and if not - come watch Jeff and I lose the shucking contest next year! Share your photos on our web site and on our Facebook and Twitter pages with the hashtag #YarmouthClamFest.