Chloe who is 9, went away to Girl Scout camp before I went to Idaho. It was a sleep away camp - her first. She absolutely loved it! And wrote letters too!

First off, she was names 'Most Responsible Camper'. We're thinking we need to send her to Girl Scout camp weekly. Plus, think of all the letters we'd get! Here's mine:

Chickon? Hysterical! I am the goofball of the family and it apparently is rubbing off.I take it as a complete compliment. And yes, we are adding spelling lessons to the summer fun.

Jen got a letter too. She is not a chicken...

See? More camp. She's a great kid and she had a great time. And I love my very first letter from camp.

Did you get a sweet letter or a letter threatening to run away from camp because it's pure h-e-double-hockey-sticks! Comment here or Facebook or Twitter #campletters