I went bowling last night. The real kind, not the Q Morning Show euphemism. I realized very quickly I'm terrible, but at least it was for a good cause. Jackie Ward of WCSH6 is running the Boston Marathon this year in memory of her friend Stirling Winder who lost her battle with cancer at the young age of 26. She's raising money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as part of her run.

So last night my girlfriend Michele and I showed up for Jackie's fundraiser at Bayside Bowl. The bowling I grew up on was candlepin bowling. Bayside is 10 pin or as we here in New England tend to call it, "Big Balls." I learned very quickly I'm not good with big balls.

Our team was called "Three Hookers And Two Spares." I was one of the two spares, but couldn't bowl an actual spare to save my life. It came down to my last frame. I was dead last behind Michele by about 20 pins. I was determined to remain last.

I let the ball roll down the alley with a thud, and lo and behold I got a strike! My first one of the night! Now the pressure was on. I rolled my next ball and knocked down all but the 7 pin. Last ball...in the gutter on the opposite side of the lane. I waited for the automatic scoring to display. 87. Michele had an 88. Defeated. If only this was Wii bowling.

I may have lost, but Jackie was the winner. It was a great turnout and raised more than $2000 for Dana-Farber. Jackie is still accepting donations. Watch her tell her story about why she's running in the Marathon Challenge and make a donation.