Almost everyone around me as this at work...but no - not me! So I asked...and asked...and asked for one. Finally, I got mine!!

What could be so utterly important? What does everyone else have but Lori Voornas doesn't?

A nickname.


  • Kylie is Kyle
  • Chris is Radio's Chris Low (RCL)
  • Jeff is Heffe (pronounced heff-ay)
  • Adam is well...Brad, John or Meat
  • Cam is Camalamadingdong
  • Sara is Reeshay

The list goes on and on. So I said, 'Hey guys...I want a nickname.' They told me that a nickname had to come to me. I asked again recently and was told that once again. So I told RCL that I wanted to punch him in the...and the only thing that came to my mind was Lorax. I think I meant sternum.

Guess what my nickname is? Lorax! I love it! I even have an original artwork created just for me!

It was the best day at work ever!