Who would have thought getting to Florida would be so hard? I couldn't believe what happened...

It was a situation ripe for 'Seinfeld' (more on that in a bit). Jen was off for school vacation to Florida with the kids. In trying to save money and just get down there, we went with Allegiant Air.

Have you heard of these guys out of Portsmouth? They fly out of the old Pease Airforce Base. It was direct and cheaper than the airlines you've heard of...too good to be true?


The flight was for 715 pm Friday night. As I was about to drive them to the airport, got a text alert that the flight was delayed an hour. Okay...no big whoop.

Then an hour later as we were now looking for a place to eat in Portsmouth, another text...and another hour delay. Mmmm, now the flight is going to land in Orlando at midnight. Still doable, but certainly not ideal.

I dropped them off, say good-bye and head on home!


Get home, turn on the TV and decide to rent a movie - 'Moonlight'. The best picture winner this year. It's a subtle thinker movie - I fell asleep. I awake at 1130 pm to my phone ringing. It's Jen - the flight was cancelled. I scramble online to make arrangements for another flight to get to Orlando (big plans are now getting screwed up with the missing of this flight). I find a 6am SouthWest flight out of Portland. Gets them to Orlando at noon. Great! Full refund from Allegiant, new flight on SouthWest (yes, more expensive) but the vacation is saved!

Drive to pick them up in Portsmouth and get home at 130 in the morning. Set alarms to be at the airport by 430 in the morning! Ugh.




Jen wakes me up at 615 am and says,

We overslept! We missed our flight!


Never in the history of me being on this planet has that ever happened. I have had nightmares about it happening...but it's never ever happened.


I cannot describe the shear shock and panic. Jen and I get on our computers, call SouthWest..and just start punting. SouthWest's next flight out is 130 pm. Damn it!!!

We find ANOTHER FLIGHT on Delta that leaves at 8 am. It's now 630 in the morning. We throw the kids in the car, I drive like I'm on fire and make it to the airport at 7 am.

They get ON the flight and some very nice Delta guy kept saying,..

Don't worry...you've got time.


This guy was the picture of calm. It's now 730 am by the time the ticketing is complete.

They make it. They get to Orlando by noon. They make a 330 pm reservation Jen made at a place to eat....


Never in my life have I had anything like that happen.


  • I will never travel Allegiant again. I don't care if they are giving tickets away
  • SouthWest is the most relaxed easy going airline out there. Full refund, free checked bags...crazy pants
  • Would have flown Elite (by far my first choice), but these plans were weird and they were booked solid
  • Delta saved the day
  • United drags people down the aisle