Things from your childhood sure do bring back a flood of memories. I knew I had this, but it still makes me reminisce when I see it.


This was my very first baseball glove and the one I used all through Little League. I remember buying it in the late 70's at Hobbs Clothing in the Oxford Plaza. They were really the only place in town that sold sports equipment at the time. There was no Walmart and Ames and Woolworth's didn't carry anything then. The store closed years ago and owner Eben Hobbs now owns Hobbs Lucky Lanes bowling alley in South Paris.


I remember my father oiling the glove up to break it in. He put a baseball in the glove and then tucked it under the chair in the living room that our dog typically sat in hoping that she would still sit there to put some pressure on the glove. She wouldn't go near it.


I played for the Paris Pirates, the farm team of the Paris Little League. I never made it to the team for the better players, the ones who got full uniforms and not just t-shirts. I was pretty dissapointed when I didn't make the cut, but that all changed one day when I was taking batting practice and the coach of the other team told his players "Look out boys! This one's a hitter." From then on I loved being on the team because I was one of the top players.

Oh and by the way. This glove was a Reggie Jackson glove.


There was a time when I wasn't into the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry.

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