My cousin Lori's birthday was Saturday so friends and family gathered on her porch at camp out of the rain to enjoy some food and cake to celebrate. I was minding my own business, eating my burger, and then this happened. 

This is Koko. Koko never pays much attention to me. Maybe that's because Koko knows I'm not much of a dog lover. This day however, Koko's full attention was on me.

You would think he was dressed for the occasion with his bow tie and jacket. The jacket was practical because it was a little chilly. The bow tie is standard dress for Koko.

You would also assume the foaming at the mouth is because of the delicious burger I'm eating that he would love nothing more than to sink his upper teeth into, since he has no lower teeth. That my be some of it, but foaming is also standard for Koko.

Koko was steely eyed. Never taking his eyes of me. Just waiting. Waiting for that moment. You're asking yourself, "Did you give him some of your burger." This photo holds your answer.

Just another dog day afternoon for Koko and a full belly for me. Sorry Koko. Nice tie.