There are a lot of junk Android apps out there, but there are some really helpful and really fun ones too if you know where to look. Here are the 5 apps on my phone that I use every day. 

Some of these apps are available on iOS too if that's your flavor of choice.


Remember when you had to balance your checkbook? We don't write too many checks these days, but you still need to keep a record of all those debit card transactions so you always know how much money you have in your account. Moola makes it easy.

Whenever you spend money, just log it in the app on your phone and mark it as cleared when it clears your bank account. Keeping track with this app and checking your online balance daily always lets you know exactly where you stand financially. Moola shows you how much money is actually in your account and how much of it is spoken for.

TVShow Time

There are so many great shows on I want to watch, but I don't ever watch anything live. TVShow Time helps me keep track of all of them. It sends a notification an hour before a new episode of one of my shows is going to air and adds it to my need-to-watch list. When I finish an episode, I check it off my list and it tells me how many more I have left to catch up. I always know what's out there ready for me to watch.

As you can see above, I'm 25 episodes behind on Doctor Who. I'm a doctor behind!

Cumberland Farms SmartPay

I love using my phone to pay for things and I love it even more when I get 10 cents off a gallon of gas. The Cumberland Farms SmartPay app is amazing. You link it to your checking account and pay directly. Not only do you save 10 cents a gallon, but when you pull up to the pump, the app knows what store you're at through GPS location and when you enter the pump you're using, it starts it up with your 10 cent discount. This comes in handy. No more getting out in the cold and swiping your card. Start the pump while still warm in your car, then it's ready to go when you step out.


There are so many online services you need a password for. I have 62. No joke. It's a bad thing to use the same password on all those sites. If someone manages to steal one password, they've got access to everything. LastPass solves that problem.

LastPass just has you remember one password and will automatically fill in your password on sites you visit. It will create passwords for you that are much more secure than your cat's name, but you don't have to remember them. Verify yourself with your fingerprint and LastPass will enter all the passwords for you or show them to you if you need to enter it on another device. The mobile version does require the premium service, but it only cost $12 a year. Less than a dollar a month for peace of mind that your passwords are safe and you won't ever forget them.

Clash Royale

There's practical apps and then there's fun apps. From the makers of the very popular Clash of Clans comes Clash Royale, which just overtook Pokemon Go as the most downloaded app on iTunes and Google Play.

You play against other people in real-time in a quick 3 minute battle where you try to destroy your opponents castles with your armies that you build by collecting cards. It's very addicting and very fun. I go by the name Thundar on Clash Royale and am in the Maine Warriors clan.

PS: I didn't make the name Thundar up myself.

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