Why do things the old fashion way if the technology world has given us the tools to complete tasks more efficiently? These five apps are the most commonly used apps on my phone (other than social media) and they've given me new ways to save money, split expenses with friends, listen to music, and get around without my own car.

1. Venmo

Venmo allows you to connect to your bank account and easily pay friends for drinks, food, rent, and other every day expenses. Don't worry, the high level encryption protects your financial information so it's a totally safe way to exchange money between friends. I love Venmo for splitting a check at dinner and avoiding the, "I'll get you cash later," excuse that never seems to happen. I also like to send little surprise gifts to friends and family when I can't make it to an event. If your friends are out for birthday drinks and you can't get there to buy a round, send the birthday girl a few bucks with the note, "Next one is on me!"

2. Uber

If you haven't heard of Uber by now, you must've been locked in the backseat of an old school taxi for the last three years. Uber is a ride sharing service that allows you to request a ride through your phone and pay completely through the app. Most major cities have Uber and it's a game changer when you're traveling out of state or just going out on the weekends. Stay safe, don't drink and drive, call an Uber!

3. Q97.9

Am I biased for saying that I love the Q97.9 app when I work at Q97.9? Maybe. But really, I love the app because I can listen to the station when I'm not near my car radio. Plus, it gives me access to all of the blogs, events, and other content on our website. If you want to send us a picture or video, you can do that with the app, too. If you're reading this, send us a picture of your dog using the app and title it, "Kylie told me to." This will be fun.

4. Retail Me Not

I don't buy anything without checking for deals and coupons on Retail Me Not first. I've saved at least 15% on my last five purchases thanks to coupons I found on this app while I was standing in the checkout line. You can set the app to notify you when coupons are available at your frequently shopped stores, too.

5. 2 Dine In

2 Dine In gives restaurants without delivery drivers access to their fleet of delivery drivers. 2 Dine In services the Greater Portland area with a growing list of vendors. I love to order through 2 Dine In on those nights I'm super busy and don't feel like trucking across town to get takeout.

Which apps make your life easier?