Want to get married on Friday February 10th? Great! Let the Q Morning Show throw you the Mainest of weddings...

What makes a good Maine wedding? Get a local celebrity (okay, we use that term loosely) to marry you. In this case it's Lori Voornas.


No...not the monkey.

This entire Wicked Good Maine Wedding is brought to you by:




Your first toast as a married couple will be Allen's...in nip form. Awesome!!


Your silver wedding bands are courtesy of Springer's Jeweler. Thanks Lilly and Zoe


The conference room at the Q, where the ceremony will take place, will be transformed by Laurie Andrews Design. There may be a deer head on the wall. It IS a Maine wedding afterall. Laurie Andrews was so excited to be a part of this - she's a pro who's been making perfect weddings and events for 30 years and it's going to be amazing!

You will also be going on a shopping spree at Renys - A Maine Adventure! The bride and groom will each get 250 dollars to pick out the perfect Maine wedding outfit!



You'll honeymoon in exotic POLAND.....Maine. Once you are a married couple, you'll head to the Lodge at Poland Spring Resort in Poland for a two night stay at one of their deluxe rooms!

Your cake will of course be stacked Dunkin' Donuts.



Now...who wouldn't want this wicked awesome wedding? Tell us who you are and more importantly, why you want the Q's Wicked Maine Wedding.

Wicked Maine Wedding

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