Last week Lori had an ant problem. Those big black ants were getting into her house and she needed a way to get rid of them. When I got to camp this weekend, I had the same problem.  

We got a lot of calls and comments about Lori's ant problem that said you should use sugar water and Borax to kill those little buggers off. The Borax kills them, but slowly enough that they take the bait back to the nest to kill them all!

I didn't feel like leaving an open bowl of water and borax out and we were out of sugar so I went looking for ant traps. This is what I found and look what it has:


Lo and behold these traps contain Borax! Done and done.

So I set the the traps and within a two minutes my first victim showed up.

The bathroom seems to be where these guys are flocking to to get water, so I made it easy for them. An hour later and there had to be 20 ants feasting and then crawling back up the wall along the same path, presumably out to the nest.

The worst part of this is to resist the urge to squash the ants. You have to let them come in droves so they can take the bait back to the nest. Killing them on the spot won't work.

Later that night, they were gone. I doubt I've killed them all off yet, but the death sentence has been given. We'll see how long it takes to be carried out.