As Christmas nears, The Q Morning Show got to talking about our favorite Christmas songs. Wouldn't you know it, they all just fit Lori, Jeff and Kylie perfectly.

Kylie is Hanson's number 1 fan. She grew up on those blonde boys so it's easy to understand why. 2017 will mark the 20th anniversary of their smash hit 'MMMBop' and what you might forget is that same year they released a Christmas Album called Snowed In with classic Christmas songs and three original ones written by the band. Kylie's favorite Christmas song is Hanson's version of Merry Christmas Baby, the song made most famous in the past 30 years by Bruce Springsteen.


Lori's favorite Christmas song is by Band Aid, a supergroup of singers that got together in 1984 to help feed the starving children in Ethiopia by releasing "Do They Know It's Christmas?" The single alone raised over $24M.

My favorite Christmas song is, as Lori would put it, 'perfectly Parsons.' It's by Bob Rivers Comedy Corp. Bob Rivers is a retired morning show host who created song parodies for his morning show. He released them on an album called 'Twisted Christmas' and one song became such a smash hit that it's still played to this day. I first heard 'The 12 Pains of Christmas' in 1988 when I was a senior in high school. When I heard it played on FM 103 in Portland while driving to school, I ended up staying in the car and was almost late to class because I thought it was the funniest song I had ever heard.