I wore an outfit to a wedding this past weekend which I liked the look of, but Lori immediately thought I was going for a Don Johnson 'Miami Vice' look. What do you think?

The reason she thought I was stuck in 80's on an episode of 'Miami Vice' is because I was wearing a t-shirt under a sports jacket. That was not my plan. I realized when I packed for the weekend to go to camp, I had left my dress shirt at home. I had the jacket, shoes, pants and even the tie, but no shirt.

So I planned to wear a t-shirt and on the way pick up a cheap dress shirt at Walmart, but when I put it on both my girlfriend Michele and I thought it looked pretty good.

Now for reference, here's what Don Johnson looked like in Miami Vice.

Some comments on Facebook agree with Lori, some didn't...

Christine Sampson Davis I think if the t shirt were pastel, it would *scream* Miami Vice, but it does say Miami Vice in a sorta calm type of voice. Lol.

Lynzie Fenohr Millard You look handsome I don't think Miami vice maybe if the suit was white ?

Rachel Murer Miami Vice at a funeral.

Denise Bastarache Yup totally agree with Lori. Miami vice it is. Sorry

Kelly DeFreitas Staples Classic Miami Vice Wannabe. IF the white and pastel THEN you would be actual Miami Vice. This is like "The Dork who Tried."

What do you think?