I fell in love with this company by reading the first line in their product description: 'For all those times some a**hole keeps interrupting you and you nearly bite through your lip'. 

In response to Trump calling Hillary 'such a nasty woman' - Long Wiinter Farm and soap maker Amanda Nelson have found a top selling product. I ADORE how it's described:

For all those times some asshole keeps interrupting you and you nearly bite through your lip. We flavored it with coffee and walnut, because we suddenly and inexplicably were in the mood for pairing nuts and scalding hot coffee.


***As of October 24th, you amazing ladies have purchased over 8,000 tubes of Nasty Woman lip balm! We're all kinds of moved by both your support of our little business and your informed power. Naturally, it's going to take some sleepless nights on our end, but we're going to try our best to get these orders home by election day. We'll keep the flavor around after election day too, because we all know misogyny won't be conceding its hold on society any time soon. Oh, and to answer the most popular question at the moment: yes, we ship to APOs and all other politically unrestricted locations!***

They are working on getting out their orders by election day - and you may be hard pressed to get yours by then...but I personally think this is a pretty timeless product.