Holy cow...one day after Donald J. Trump becomes our 45th president - this happens!

The numbers are staggering. Organizers in Washington asked for a permit for 200,000 marchers. They had around 500,000. They broke records for the Metro...they made the President of the United States have his press secretary defend the number of people who showed up to his inauguration. The day was mind blowing...

There were 673 organized marches and rallies across the world. The world. I think we all knew someone who was going to a march somewhere Saturday. Bonnie, who used to be a saleswoman at the Q took this shot in Washington:


Here in Maine, there were several sister marches. Portland had a remarkable 10,000 marchers. It overwhelmed all estimates. It was the biggest march ever in Portland.

Chloe and her BFF went to the Portland March. They had a blast!


Kids...middle-aged...old folks. They all showed up - with awesome signs.


There was chanting...


Even from the littlest of protesters...


There were a couple of awkward moments when Jen had to try to delicately explain the 'hats'.



She approached it with this explanation:

You know how the Maine Red Claws have Crusher as a mascot. Well, uh, the marches have these cat hats as sort of a uh...you know mascot.

Chloe wasn't buying it...


They moved on and found something else to distract them. There was plenty to distract. The feeling of unity, the peaceful demonstration of taking full advantage of the democracy we live in. Letting a president, with the lowest approval rating at the start, know that we are watching, listening and involved.

It was an amazing day. And again...it was day one.